Born to be Loved, Cherished and Adored

About The Ragdoll Breed

A Brief introduction to the Ragdoll Breed
0dc3c48cbe-DSC_0841_markedWhy buy a Ragdoll kitten/cat? The answer is very simple, they are so laid back and very affecionate your house wouldn’t be a home without one! As little bundles of fluff they are very playful and learn from their human families, they like to follow you from room to room even to the little boys and girls room! They are very needy cats; wanting attention during the day from either their human slaves or another animal.

Ragdolls can grow very large especially the boys between 6-9kg, although the cats are great with children, the kids will need to be shown how to hold them safely supporting their bodies.

Ragdolls are very fun pets to have, their very favourite game to play is fetch, my cats love the soft little glitter balls (pet friendly) they will play for hours, dropping the toy back to you to be thrown again. Ragdolls are very intelligent and will come when you call their names, the more love you give your cat the more they will give you.

933c7529a1-DSC_0759_markedWhen our Ragdoll kittens leave for their forever homes we advise our families that they are indoor cats only, this is because Ragdolls do not have any sense of direction and have very little survival instincts. So if they come up against another feline in their garden the Ragdoll would usually come off worst. Also if they got lost, would struggle to remember how to get home, resulting in a very upset family and maybe your Ragdoll being stolen and sold on. Some of our families train their Raistrick Ragdoll kittens/cats to use leads so they can still enjoy the outside gardens without coming into harm or build a suitable enclosure.

Once you have your adorable baby home between 13-14 weeks, you will be surprised at how quickly they change from very cute kitten to beautiful cats. Their colours will get stronger and more defined. Once they reach 1 year of ago they will look different from that little kitten you brought home. Again another year or so and you will be amazed at the beauty your cat has become. Ragdolls mature at the age of 4. So keeping in touch with our families is important so we too can watch the transformation from adorable fluffy ball to magnificent adult Ragdoll.